Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cold Perf!

Perf got cold last night since the door was left open and snuck under the sheets for some direct cuddling. Silly perf!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 12

Doggie knows that Kitty hates outlining, so he jumped in her chair and is trying to help! Doggie is now very confused by involuntary conversions of property that lead to non-recognition of gain and has chosen to hide his head in under the blankets. Pooooooor Doggie!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perf and The Princess of Mars

It looks like Perf wanted to skip ahead! No Perf. You must wait for the kitty!

Giuseppe's Tale

Long and warm were the summers at the Verdi Villa. The main house was a mere five minute walk from the village Giuseppe called home. The village itself was nestled in the warm southern hills, an area perfect for growing grapes, which his family had taken advantage of years ago by laying down a latticework of posts and netting perfect for vines. The Verdis never had aspirations of great winemaking but merely collected a small lease off of each of the plots of land they owned and built. This fee was begun and enforced by Giuseppe’s great-grandfather Formio who eventually was able to run for, and be elected as, mayor of the town. He placed in his family a love of the land and of the villagers who worked it but himself had no place for the kings and earls of the land in his own heart. Training up the villagers and teaching his family leadership he instilled a sense of pride in their own village which soon outstripped their love of their country. After his death the townspeople continued their work, but with the head gone the family lost its organization and its drive, sitting back and letting the money collect from the fields they owned. The family is still well loved and still protects the lands around from danger, but small-time feuding and their general dissidence for the state governance has had them come to the brink of chaos. Into this Giuseppe was born. Being the second born into such a large family would normally mean work in the fields tending to the structures Formio built but that was not the path for Giuseppe. An early injury while out playing with some of the other children left him bedridden, first with a broken arm, then with an ensuing infection which was eventually overcome but leaving Giuseppe not much more than a gangly bag of skin and bones. This allowed Giuseppe to study up on the plans which Formio had left of the villa as well as learn of where his impressive patriarch hailed. Formio was born in the capital but was orphaned at an early age during the war. Striking out east he became a cabin boy then deckhand until he found himself in the dwarven lands. Due to his smaller stature and olive skin he blended well with the younger dwarves who taught them their secrets for stone shaping, skills which he eventually passed down through his impressive free standing structures in the fields. Formio’s accomplishments were not only seen above ground though. Because of his dwarven training he built a maze of passageways beneath the Villa, snaking back and forth up and down from the village to the villa. In these passageways you could keep track of the roots of the vines, water and treat from below to make sure no fungus or mold tasted the wine. Drinking in the stories of his great-grandfather Giuseppe decided to shape himself into Formio’s mold, a process which began with the help of a young woman. Noemi worked with her mother in the villa where she carried water and helped with the baking. These jobs were dropped when Giuseppe decided he was to succeed Formio. The next nine years went fast for the two with Giuseppe travelling to the village’s forge, to the fields and throughout Formio’s tunnels, with Noemi on his heels. The two were the best of friends and it was only time till a romance budded between the two. During the days Giuseppe would go to classes and learn the arts his great-grandfather brought back while the nights were spent eluding the watch in the tunnels and finding secret nooks for each other. Upon one such endeavor the two stumbled into a well hidden cave under what seemed to be the fountain in the entranceway to the villa. Here they found a trove of scrolls written in the language of the dwarves along with a single charm on a necklace. There Giuseppe confessed his love for Noemi, slipping the necklace over her head with a kiss. The next day however was the day of Giuseppe’s birth, his sixteenth year in the family. His uncles, fearing that he will take power away from his elders had conspired to have him taken into service by the country’s knights. Knowing that his path would lead to pain if he stayed, Giuseppe said his goodbyes, with Noemi taking her new necklace off and handing it to him. His father, late to the ceremony, came rushing up at the last moment from the village, a present in hand. This present was a hammer, the headstone being made of stone from the base of the Villa deep underground. It had been carved with runes Giuseppe recognized from the scrolls in the cave, those of the dwarven language he had encountered. The shaft was made of firm and supple yew, bound with calfskin. Giuseppe, with tears in his eyes accepted both gifts and left with the knights whom which his family had most despised. The next two years turned Giuseppe from short and skinny into tall and strong. His practice with his hammer pushing him everyday to regain and improve upon the muscle he had lost. Instead of joining the paladins whom with he was closest connected he chose to forego his vows and focus upon proving the power of his body. When free he studied the finer arts of wordplay, knowing he would not be able to physically conquer his relatives who had shunned him. This was tempered with training under the master at arms until he was able to best most of the vowed paladins who were to leave for their quests. From here Giuseppe made his own across the land, taking in experience and saving it for when it will be needed to reclaim his place among his family and with the one he loves.

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 11

Apparently, there is going to be a HUGE thunderstorm today in Gainesville. Baby Kitty and Baby Tiger are scared at the thought. They've never seen a big thunderstorm. So, Doggie is being the valiant protector Doggie! Doggie has promised to protect them with cuddles until its over. He's good like that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie : Part 10

Doggie and I are having a staring contest over who is more excited to see the Pups!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie : Part 9

Doggie wants to know where his samawhich is. Silly Doggie! Kitty already went nom! But don't worry, when Puppy comes, there will be more!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tank Mew!

Doggie, Tachi, Baby Tiger, and Baby Kitty all wanted to say thank you for rescuing Kitty last night. They tried everything to comfort her, but she just wouldn't feel better. Kitty has never hurt so much in her entire life; literally everything hurt. But Puppy read me to sleep so I could feel a little better this morning! Even though his voice still hurts and even though he's still sick! Puppy Hero!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 8

Kitty isn't feeling well so she downloaded a new photo apply. Doggie was more than happy to be my model! Doesn't he look cute?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Doggie has a message for you!

(Just in case you can't read it, the sign says, "Send moar kitty Doggie treats!")

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie : Part 7

Today is Kitty's day for cleany-cleany so I finally pulled the sheets to wash them. Doggie wasn't too happy about losing his perch, but now Tachi is reading to him while they wait, so he's happy now.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie : Part 6

Doggie hears the sounds of the Gators game. He's never seen one,  so he wants to go outside and investimagate. No,  no,  Doggie it is time for study!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 4

Girl Kitty worked her little tail of today. She did pretty good, but needs to work hard again tomorrow. In the meantime, Doggie has decided noes a good time for snixxy. Kitty too!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 3

Doggie seems to think he's a kitty this morning and is sitting on my book. I think he wants to go out and play.  So does Kitty,  but I told Doggie that if we're good and go study-study then we can talk to Puppy later. So now Doggie wants a highlighter too to help.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Adventures of Doggie: Part 2

So today I was off to class early, so Doggie had the run of the place to himself. But now I'm back and it's time to clean up the mess he (I) made. Doggie and I will be doing laundry for the rest of the day, but first Doggie wanted to be a stink stink pupy so he rolled around in the laundry. Now cleany cleany time!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pups' Work Day 8/18

Glad to hear you got a good bike! We should look into ways of getting it back out here! Pups actually had a pretty awesome day at work since it was busy but not crazy busy! My parents and Grandma Joan came in which was kinda funny since this was the first time anyone had seen mom and so nobody believed that I was her kid. They had a great time though and I ended the night with a good clip of cash! I stopped by Safeway and picked up some conditioner, 9V batteries for the Smoke Detector and some gummies to send you in your next care package! I also ran a load of whites during the day and they came out great! Apparently kitty did teach pups well in the cleaning clothes department. I'm gonna head off to bed now, but I'll talk to you tomorrow! I loveseseseses yous kitty! -Pups ps. It's Voiageoar I believe.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girl Kitty's Day - 8/18/11

Hi Pups!

Hope you had a good day at work. Kitty's day was productive, but far from what I would call "fun." After we finally got the bike in the car, we took it to a place called "Gator Cycles" to get a basket and light put on it. Apparently, it's illegal to ride a bike at night here to the tune of a $150 ticket, so lights are required. As soon as the employee saw the bike, he said two things: (1) it wouldn't take a basket because it lacked mounting brackets; and, (2) I was going to hate that bike because the campus is hilly. This kind of confirmed my fears about the bike because the campus is like the U of A; deceptively hilly. My mom just wanted to keep it, because the other bikes we had seen were $400, but once I offered to pay for half, she caved. I didn't have to chip in, since she figured it was cheaper than buying a car, which my dad originally wanted to do.

Td;lr - it took us an hour to get the bike into the car and then returned it, like fifteen minutes later. Lol. On the upside, I now have a really *sweet* bike with 21 gears, beach cruiser body, and huge baskets. Apparently there is a farmer's market on Wednesdays at 5 pm, so my baskets will be used for more than just text books. ^_^.

After that, we got my Gator ID and tried to get my textbooks, but the store closed to early, so we're going back tomorrow. We also had dinner at this really swanky place called the Bonefish Grill. I'll have to take you when you come; they've got really awesome sea food with southern side dishes. You'll love it.

Tomorrow we'll be getting textbooks and groceries. They've also got a really nice grocery store called "Publix" which I think you'd really like. Apparently, it's better than Trader Joe's. Another place we'll have to go. I'll check out the deli, which is suppose to be awesome. I'll also be setting up my room; pics to follow tomorrow. Other than that, I'll be doing homework, so we should be able to talk via vid-chat tomorrow. I'll even fire up my logitech.

Anywho, I'm gonna watch a little more Vowyager (Voyager) with Doggie and then we're off to sleep.

Loooooooove you diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much Pups!

Adventures of Doggie: Part 1

Here's Doggie helping me search craigslist for a bike. Even though we wound up at Walmart,  he was a big help.

Oh no! Floor is made of lava!