Friday, August 19, 2011

Pups' Work Day 8/18

Glad to hear you got a good bike! We should look into ways of getting it back out here! Pups actually had a pretty awesome day at work since it was busy but not crazy busy! My parents and Grandma Joan came in which was kinda funny since this was the first time anyone had seen mom and so nobody believed that I was her kid. They had a great time though and I ended the night with a good clip of cash! I stopped by Safeway and picked up some conditioner, 9V batteries for the Smoke Detector and some gummies to send you in your next care package! I also ran a load of whites during the day and they came out great! Apparently kitty did teach pups well in the cleaning clothes department. I'm gonna head off to bed now, but I'll talk to you tomorrow! I loveseseseses yous kitty! -Pups ps. It's Voiageoar I believe.

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